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SFI Seed Mixes

CODE: AHL2/AB9AutumnsownWinterbird

  • £63.00

SFI - Sustainable Farming Incentive Seed

Advanced range of SFI Seed options: SAM2 Multi Species Winter Cover CropsSAM3 Herbal LeysIMP Intergrated Pest Management Seed MixesNUM2 & NUM3 Nutrient ManagementAHL Actions For Farmland Wildlife Seed and also other Stewardship Seed Mixes.   

  • Farm Marketplace is fully independent and we source select grass & small seed varieties from multiple companies to give farmers the optimal options for plant performance!
  • Superior seed range selected from customer trials, combined with technical experience from each of the suppliers
  • Including mixes for SAM2, SAM3, GS4, IMP2, IPM3, NUM2, NUM3, AB15, AHL1, AB1, AB9, AB3, AB12 and AB16
  • Free UK delivery, competitive prices and you can call if you want us to find a bespoke mixture for you on 01543 728 813.