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Agricultural Insecticides

Agricultural Insecticides control damaging insects and nematodes in a variety of crops. Insecticides are used primarily to control pests that can infest crop and eat or damage it.

Pyrethroids are synthetic derivatives of pyrethrins. These derivates are made to be more light-stable than their natural predecessors and therefore are more effective as insecticides. The pyrethroids started being used over 40 years ago and have broad-spectrum activity against many insects while possessing a much lower mammalian toxicity than the organophosphates or carbamates. Pyrethroids are frequently used in agricultural pest control, but their use is still limited by their environmental liability, relatively high cost, and their tendency to lose effectiveness through the development of insect resistance.

Integrated Pest Management

Prior to using insecticides, farmers will carefully consider all available pest control techniques and subsequent integration of appropriate measures that discourage the development of pest populations and keep crop protection and other interventions to levels that are economically justified. They will reduce and minimize risks to human health and the environment. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) emphasizes the growth of a healthy crop with the least possible disruption to agro-ecosystems and encourages natural pest control mechanisms.