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Direct Driller Magazine

Direct Driller is a new farming magazine, designed by farmers for farmers to educate and inform the industry about direct drilling and no-till techniques, soil regeneration and soil conservation in arable and mixed farming situations.

Direct Driller Magazine is available free to all UK farmers and agronomists who register with us and can be received in the post or via email depending on your preference.

To register your interest please click here

If you want to read just how popular our magazine is then please visit our Trustpilot page and read what farmers themselves are saying:


Having started in 2017, Direct Driller Magazine is now a firm favourite with farmers.  Being hailed as the only magazine they read cover to cover and one that is keep on the shelf, not disgarded.  This is exactly why its perfect bound, so you can stack them on a shelf and see which issue is which.

We are also the only agicultural magazine that is growing and its growing just as fast as regenerative agriculture is in the UK.  In fact it is now the 4th most read agricultural magazine in the UK, which is amazing for a subject that was considered niche just 3 years ago.

Therefore, if you want to learn about regenerative agiculture, then please do register to recieve the magazine.  Its free for all UK farmers and there is just a small charge for overseas farmers.