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Analysis and Measuring


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CODE: EF-Skimmed-Milk

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CODE: EF-FeedNutriManager

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CODE: EF-Dithiocarbamates

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CODE: EF-FeedNutriManager

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CODE: EF-MineralAnalysisForage

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CODE: EF-Hay-NutriManager

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CODE: EF-Haylage-NutriManager

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CODE: EF-FreshGrassCheck

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CODE: EF-SilageNutriManager

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CODE: EF-SoilLifeMonitor

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CODE: EF-SoilLifeCheck

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Analysis and Measuring

Advanced Analysis. Direct from UK labs. At the click of a button.

Leading analytical services for agricultural business. Using advanced technology to give farmers analysis results that have greater accuracy. In addition to this, unique capabilities allow us to provide added insight and advice in our reporting that gives farmers an advantage. An advantage that helps you find the marginal gains needed to increase efficiency and profitability and to farm in a way that is not just sustainable but with maximum benefit to the environment.

Forage - The unmatched accuracy of our Dried & Ground NIRS analysis coupled with added insight into the nutritional quality of your forage allows farmers and advisors to farm more efficiently and achieve the marginal gains needed to thrive in the industry.

Feed - 26 feed & raw materials calibrations. Rapid, accurate and cost-effective analysis of feed and raw materials by Dried & Ground NIR.

Fertilization Manager - Gives you the insight you need to improve your soil’s health, fertility and resilience

Soil & Crop Health - Earlier discovery of disease pressure in your soil and crops allows you to take mitigating actions to avoid crop loss as well as enabling you to farm in a way that is more sustainable. Reduce chemical use through targeted applications or avoid their use altogether. Plant pathogens are discovered using DNA Multiscan, a rapid scan of soil, plant, water or seeds to detect and identify the DNA of pathogenic organisms. Nematodes are discovered using NematodeCheck which uses qPCR to identify and measure Nematode DNA.

Soil Life - Deep insight into the life in your soil. The Most Detailed Look at the Life in your Soil. In order to gain a holistic understanding of the health and fertility of your soil, it’s vital to look at chemical, physical and biological aspects. We have two unique soil biology packages which give deeper insight into the life in your soil. SoilLifeCheck gives a quick look at microbial biomass and activity.  SoilLifeMonitor gives you the most detailed look at the life in your soil.

Soil Sampling Service - A complete sampling, analysis & mapping service from an independent laboratory. Sampling, analysis, nutrient maps & files. Providing both GPS and ‘W’ soil sampling as a service. We analyse the samples in our own, independent labs and then provide you with nutrient maps and detailed soil analysis reports as required, equipping you to make decisions that improve soil health, fertility, sustainability and productivity. A skilled sample taker will visit your farm and efficiently take high-quality samples so we can produce the highest quality results.

Manure Analysis - Gain insight into a valuable natural asset. Optimal usage offsets purchased inputs.  Manures and biosolids contain valuable plant nutrients and their careful use can save money on inorganic fertiliser costs. These nutrients can vary considerably from the typical values presented in the Defra Fertiliser Manual (RB209). Given this variability and the increasing costs of manufactured fertiliser, it is vital to analyse the nutrient content of representative samples of manures and biosolids. Typical values for manure nutrient content are helpful for the general planning of fertiliser strategy, but for reliable fertiliser planning at field (crop specific) level and in order to maximise the benefits, it is essential to know the nutrient content of applied manures.