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Michelin Tractor Tyres

CODE: 008-18434AGRIXL

  • £1,071.90 £893.25

CODE: 008-14928AGRIXL

  • £599.88 £499.90

CODE: 008-12436AGRI

  • £547.73 £456.44

CODE: 4607024MichXMCL

  • £780.00 £650.00

CODE: 3808530RMIR1

  • £666.00 £555.00


  • £1,526.40 £1,272.00


  • £674.40 £562.00


  • £2,040.00 £1,700.00

CODE: 500/70/24 xmcl

  • £920.40 £767.00

CODE: 460/70/24 bibload

  • £960.00 £800.00

CODE: 460/70/24 xmcl

  • £780.00 £650.00

Michelin offers a wide range of agricultural tyres in the UK, designed to meet the needs of farmers and agricultural professionals across a variety of applications.

One of Michelin's most popular lines of agricultural tyres is the Michelin XeoBib. This range includes tyres for tractors and other farm machinery, with features such as low soil compaction and good traction on both wet and dry terrain. The XeoBib also has a long service life and is designed for high-speed use on the road, making it a versatile option for farmers.

Michelin also offers the AxioBib range, which is designed specifically for large tractors and other heavy-duty farm machinery. These tyres have a high load capacity and are optimized for high traction and excellent fuel efficiency.

For smaller vehicles such as compact tractors, Michelin offers the Power CL range. These tyres have a robust design and are suitable for a range of agricultural tasks, including mowing, tilling, and planting.

Michelin also offers specialised tyres for other types of agricultural equipment, such as harvesters and sprayers. The CerexBib range is designed for combine harvesters and features a large footprint for reduced soil compaction, while the SprayBib is designed for use on sprayers and offers excellent stability and traction on wet and uneven terrain.

Overall, Michelin's agricultural tyre range in the UK is designed to provide farmers with a wide selection of high-quality tyres to suit their specific needs and requirements, with a focus on durability, performance, and efficiency.