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IMP3 Intercrop Legume Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)

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IMP3 Intercrop Legume Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)
1.50 kg VIRGO PAJBERG Common Trefoil
1.50 kg MERWI White Clover
3.00 kg per acre
Why Buy this product?
Low growing shade tolerant plants that will survive between other taller crops
Both plants provide strong growth, which makes them excellent weed suppressors
Nitrogen fixers
High protein content
Attracts Bees & beneficial insects
Better than using straights, Common/Yellow Trefoil is an annual that provides early growth and will survive one year. The White Clover is a perennial and provides strong growth later when the yellow trefoil slows down. 
Normally used for 1-4 years but can be left longer if required 
Used with cereals, main crop brassicas, maize crops, vegetable crops, tree plantings, solar panels etc (undersown or broadcasted)
Fits IMP3 (SFI)
Sow March - August
Price per 3kg bag - 1 acre pack

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