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Bourgault Tillage Tools

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For more than 25 years, Bourgault Tillage Tools have been at the forefront of innovation and technical development in the tillage and seeding tools industry. This was borne out of their own farming and hands-on field experience and the realisation that leadership was sorely lacking in the research and development of tillage and seeding tools. Since then many manufacturers have turned to Bourgault Tillage Tools as standard equipment on their machines. 

Research and Development is key

Farmers and agronomists in Canada began exploring the benefits of reduced tillage and direct drilling nearly 50 years ago. The reasons were simple – the need to reduce soil erosion, retain soil moisture, save on fuel costs and reduce the time taken.

Bourgault Tillage Tools have invested many years of Research and Development and listening to farmers’ concerns. There are important considerations in coulter design that should be recognised. As Rick Schemenauer of Bourgault Tillage Tools in Canada says, “Not all coulters are created equal, so it’s very important that farmers educate themselves on the subject and choose an opener that makes a positive difference to the results.”

Versatile Opener System

Bourgault VOS (Versatile Opener System), the latest offering from Bourgault Tillage Tools range, certainly delivers on versatility with various options of holders and compatible tips available. Tips come in single or double shoot versions to deliver seed only or seed plus fertiliser; pulses such as beans can be delivered with the same tips or there are specific versions for this purpose.

The range also delivers on quality of design and durability. The low disturbance and low draft generated by the tips contribute to low wear rates as well as reduced fuel costs. This is complemented by the high chromium content of the tips and the carbide on the wings which self-sharpens as it wears and provides increased penetration with no soil smearing.

Speed-Loc Systems

Combines the speed of knock-on with the security of bolt-on. Nearly 20 years ago, the Bourgault Tillage Tools Speed-Loc system was introduced to UK farmers. Now standard fit on all major UK manufactured cultivators, Speed-Loc can be retrofitted to almost any tined cultivator on the market. Once the tine is fitted with a Speed-Loc Adapter, the whole range of Bourgault Tillage Tools is available for use. The Benefits of the Speed-Loc Adapter:

Fast & easy point changing – a few minutes rather than hours saves time and money

The upper stop keeps points at the same depth – critical for uniform crop emergence

Spring-loaded pin prevents loss of points – backed by a 100% guarantee

Durable and long-lasting – heat treated casting and stainless steel components

Fits most types and shapes of tine – from standard to heavy-duty applications

Quick-Change Systems

Maximum versatility and flexibility in drilling. Bourgault Tillage Tools are at the forefront of seed drilling technology. Their massive range of options is in tune with the latest agronomy principles. The range of seed boots and seeding openers available allows you to match the seed spread to the width of the opener. The positioning of the system components maintains a critical distance between the movement of the soil and the fall of the seed. This allows the soil to be lifted sufficiently and long enough for the seed to be blown downwards before the soil covers it.

Quality Guaranteed

At Bourgault Tillage Tools, we’re here to help you succeed. When you purchase parts from BTT, you also receive exceptional customer service, on-farm visits, and high-quality North American-made products backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty and a Performance Guarantee. 

Forges de Niaux Discs

Unrivalled know-how, listening to your requirements.  Our philosophy: develop ever more durable and innovative wear parts. The Niaux 200 quality that we offer today sets a new standard in the field of agricultural disk blades.

Thanks to a very high hardness in the working area, Niaux 200 discs have the longest lifespan on the market.


Extreme Carbide Line

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Bourgault Tillage Tools is a leading supplier of Seeding Openers, Tillage Tools & Fertilizer Knives, loved by UK farmers for its versatility and flexibility in drilling.