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Trelleborg Tractor Tyres

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a global manufacturer of premium tyres for agricultural machinery, with a strong presence in the UK market. They offer a comprehensive range of agricultural tyres designed to meet the specific needs of farmers, contractors, and machinery manufacturers.

Some of the key products in the Trelleborg agricultural tyre range available in the UK include:

1.     TM Range - This range includes the TM700, TM800, and TM900 series, which are designed for high-power tractors and offer excellent traction, stability, and durability.

2.     TM1000 - A range of tyres designed for large combine harvesters and other heavy-duty agricultural machinery, offering superior traction and resistance to wear and tear.

3.     Trelleborg Twin Radial - These tyres are designed to provide superior handling and ride comfort, as well as reducing soil compaction and maximizing crop yields.

4.     Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction - This is a unique tyre design that provides excellent traction, even on wet and slippery terrain, while minimizing soil damage.

5.     Trelleborg Agroforest - A range of tyres designed for use in forestry and agricultural applications, offering excellent grip, stability, and durability.

Overall, Trelleborg agricultural tyres are known for their innovative design, high-quality construction, and excellent performance in a range of agricultural applications.


Trelleborg tractor tyres tolerate heavy loads, remain attached to the rim and have enough grip to respect the soil. These innovative tyres are designed to optimise the tyre pressure of agricultural machinery resulting in soil compaction reduction and traction performance optimisation. Order Trelleborg tractor tyres online today on Farm Marketplace.