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NUM2 / NUM3 Annual Legume Fix Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)

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NUM2 / NUM3 Annual Legume Fix Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)
0.85 kgs Balansa Clover
0.90 kgs Berseem Clover
1.15 kgs Crimson Clover
0.60 kgs Common Trefoil
0.80 kgs Red Clover
0.70 kgs Alsike Clover
100% (5kg per acre)
Why Buy this product?
Annual one year version of Legume Fallow
Supplies large amounts of pollen & nectar rich flowers Attracts pollinating and beneficial insects such as bumblebees, solitary bees, butterflies and hoverflies
Meets the requirements for NUM2 & NUM3 -
5kg per acre

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