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Plug & Cool Barn System

CODE: P&C - Airspear Max & Fan

  • £640.20 £533.50

CODE: P&C - Airspear Fan

  • £239.50 £199.58

CODE: P&C - Airspear

  • £181.44 £151.20

CODE: P&C - Airspear & Airspear Fan

  • £380.63 £317.19

CODE: P&C - Aluminium Fan 2.2

  • £755.84 £629.87

CODE: P&C - Aluminium Fan 1.5

  • £647.98 £539.98

CODE: P&C - Aluminium Fan 1.1

  • £550.85 £459.04

Plug & Cool Barn System

The Plug&Cool Barn System is a packaged solution to grain storage that allows you to manage crop temperature from a web-based control panel.

The entire system has been designed with your complete ease-of-use in mind, giving you a versatile and durable solution to grain storage that will save you time and money post-harvest.

Once you have set your desired temperature, wireless probes placed in the grain pile communicate continuously with the fully-equipped panel to ensure consistent and accurate temperature control.

Every Plug&Cool Barn System can be bespoke designed, with the capacity for multiple fans within crop stores of all sizes.

Plug&Cool barn system

Plug&Cool Pedestals

Plug&Cool PedestalsPlug&Cool Pedestals dual-adaptor sleeve

Pioneering vector-flow technology makes the Plug&Cool Pedestal unique to any other system on the market. The super-effective design allows hot air to leave grain faster and puts more control in your hands.

An intelligent dual-adaptor sleeve with every Plug&Cool Pedestal gives you more versatility than ever, allowing you to connect any size of fan, for any size of crop store.

  • Manufactured from two types of polymer
  • Twin-wall, food-grade, durable plastic
  • Supplied with a 200mm adaptor & 150mm dual-adaptor sleeve
  • Available in 1.2m and 2m heights

Plug&Cool Airspears®

Plug&Cool AirspearAirspear handleAirspear point close-upPlug&Cool Airspear

Screw-in Plug&Cool Airspears® allow for the fast and easy removal of hotspots from your heap.

Non-slip, adjustable, extra-long handles give you the leverage to easily insert and remove the grain spear as intended, and our best-selling, high-performance fans give extremely fast results.

  • Adjustable, non-slip, extra-long handles for ease of use
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on grain fan
  • Perforated mesh
  • Sharp steel point for easy insertion
  • Available for grain or rape