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About our company

Since the birth of the idea of a buying group has been discussed many times and over the years I have been invited to meet most of the existing UK groups all interested in running it or expanding their existing group through such an idea.

Trouble is not one of them impressed or was able to demonstrate any benefit to us as farmers and in most cases the prices on offer were no better than you can get with a bit of shopping around. The idea seems dated now and of no real benefit to anyone other than those running it !

The other thing that has became apparent to us is a desire by a lot of manufacturers and importers / distributers to shorten the supply chain between them and farmers but no mechanism existed that allowed them to achieve that. This is where I think maybe Farm Marketplace can help, leveraging the massive traffic levels of TFF to and ultimately benefit farmers and those that want to supply them.

TFF marketplace - free for any supplier to list products that farmers buy, from arable and livestock inputs to the machinery and everyday supplies we all need to run our businesses. These days pretty much anything can be bought online 24/7 and most of us are quite comfortable doing so. Prices open and transparent, those that provide the best prices will surely get the most business.............In short an Amazon for farmers !

Please support the site and the suppliers that use it, it has the potential to change the way farmers buy inputs for ever