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Mongrel Boots

Mongrel Boots is a fifth-generation family-owned company that has been manufacturing footwear in Australia since 1930. Boot making is in their blood and it shows in their products. Boot making has been passed down from generation to generation within their family creating an old school attitude for workmanship.

This means they have created the most perfectly engineered boot for work on the farm. This is why farmers have turned to Mongrel for their work boots.  The same quality as many farmers has already experienced with Redback boots, but with more competitive pricing.

The Mongrel team designs boots with the help of modern technologies, to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort.

More than just a brand name, Mongrel represents authentic Australian boots that really are Aussie Born and Bred.

Boot Technology

Now there’s a Mongrel that fits what you do. No one boot style is right for a wide range of work situations. That’s why Mongrel Boots have created a number of special-purpose ranges with an even wider range of styles, to create boots that meet the special needs of our wearers.

Whichever range or style you choose, you are assured the latest technology plus individual features to enhance the boots' ability to perform in your particular industry.

If you’re in the mining industry or working in really tough environments, there’s our rubber-soled extra spec R Series. If you need good ankle support but like many trades dealing with the general public, you need to take your boots on and off often – there’s ZipSiders. The S Series is our lightweight Sport series with an aluminium safety cap and advanced duo colour sports sole technology. If you want a basic safety boot with value for money leather uppers in a rugged hide, you’ll like our Trade range – T Series. And if you don’t need steel toe-caps – there is the N Series and SE Series, our non-safety protective ranges.

We’ve also matched a whole new range of innersoles under the brand name OrthoTec. Now OrthoTec combined with your choice from the Mongrels range will result in the perfect boot for you, your feet and the job you do.

Roller Sole technology

Mongrels Roller Sole technology is featured across the entire Mongrel range. This computer-aided design feature results in a specially shaped sole that creates a roller action when walking. This roller action increases comfort and safety by making the action of walking far smoother, thus lessening fatigue.

The Brand Promise

The Mongrel Boots brand was first launched in 2000. It was seen on just one style and only promoted on the boot box label. The idea came from a desire by Victor to associate its boot making skills with its Australian heritage. Indeed, Mongrel work boots are Aussie born and bred.
The name soon developed into a complete range, and Victor has added leadership to the Mongrel's promise.

Design Leadership

An example of Mongrel leadership was as the originators of the zip side style for work boots. Introduced in 2006 with just one style – our “Zip- Siders” are now category leaders in Australia and included in virtually all of our Mongrel ranges.
This catalogue introduces a new and improved sole design and scuff cap range as part of our dedication to continuous improvement. The extensive Mongrel Boots range means there is a boot to suit your needs.