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CODE: EF-MineralAnalysisForage

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Chemical and microbiological analysis of forage. The most advanced forage analysis is available.

The unmatched accuracy of our Dried & Ground NIRS analysis coupled with added insight into the nutritional quality of your forage allows farmers and advisors to farm more efficiently and achieve the marginal gains needed to thrive in the industry.

Unmatched Accuracy
Rapid forage analysis is generally performed using a method called wet or fresh NIRS, a method that is prone to inaccuracy and inconsistency. We’ve pioneered a superior technique called Dried & Ground NIRS, along with several other unique capabilities, which result in unmatched accuracy and reliability for feed value analysis.

Added Insight
Our forage analyses give added insight, elements that are unique to Eurofins Agro. These proprietary parameters and infographics allow you to measure, manage and strive to improve. Growing Insight gives you an advantage. 

Rumen Character Maize
Rumen Characteristics and Ration Advice help you optimise the feeding of your maize silage. How will your maize silage degrade in the rumen now and in 6 months? How should you adjust your ratio depending on this silage?

Rumen Character Grass
Rumen Characteristics and Ration Advice help you optimise the feeding of your grass silage. How will your grass silage degrade? How should you correct your ratio depending on this grass silage? How can you improve your silage management?

Index values 

Our Index values show you where your silage making can improve and how best to feed and manage your clamp once opened. Target values show what best practices can achieve.

Silage Index Values

N-Index: Has your grass had the optimum Nitrogen application? Did it need more or less?

Sulphur Index: Optimise Sulphur use on your grass

Conservation Index: How well conserved is your silage?

Heating Index: Is it likely to suffer aerobic spoilage once opened? Need to take mitigating action?

Benchmark values 
Our benchmark numbers give context to your Index Values and help you best manage your progress towards optimisation

50+ forage specific calibrations
Over 50 Forage-type specific calibrations are used to greatly increase the accuracy of results. In NIRS it is vital that you use a calibration database that matches your forage type. As farmers are using new and more diverse types of forage you can select the exact type required.

Up to date calibrations
Daily updating of our calibrations allows our databases to constantly adapt as the industry evolves. As forage varieties change and as climate change takes effect, we are able to maintain the accuracy of our analyses by constantly updating our calibrations.