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Headland Polo - 10ltr - 24d and MCPA

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Headland Polo is a strong selective herbicide used to control tough paddock weeds such as Ragwort, Thistles, Docks & Buttercup. It contains two strong hormonal active ingredients, 2,4-D and MCPA which are fast acting, twisting and distorting the plant within days. This product is ideal for large areas as it comes in a 10L pack. These two active ingredients are available seperately as Depitox (2,4-d) and Agritox® (mcpa). 

Product Name:Headland Polo
MAPP (Reg.) Number:14933
Authorisation Holder:Nufarm UK Limited
Marketing Company:Headland Agrochemicals Limited
Active Substance(s):360.000 g / l 2,4-D and 315.000 g / l MCPA
Formulation Type:Soluble concentrate
Field of Use:Herbicide
Crops:barley (spring), barley (winter), grassland, oats (winter), wheat (spring), wheat (winter)
Amateur / Professional:Professional
LERAP Category:n/a
Aquatic Use:No
Authorisation Level:Standard Approval
First Authorisation Date:21/04/2010
Product Expiry Date (notes):09/09/2099
Aerial Use:No
Parallel Import:No
Available Notices:The following Notices are available for this product:  20163018 (Amendment)  This Product has Expired Notices

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Headland Polo
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Headland Polo MSDS (headland_polo_msds_2.pdf, 45 Kb) [Download]

Headland Polo Label (polo_label_3.pdf, 165 Kb) [Download]