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Grazon Pro - 1ltr - Clopyralid and Triclopyr

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Grazon Pro® is a selective herbicide for the control of perennial broad leaved weeds such as nettle, docks & thistle in established grassland. It is the market leading product for spot spraying unsightly paddock weeds. Grazon Pro® is also effective on weeds such as dandelion, creeping buttercup & daisy. Apply this product from April-October in good growing conditions to a dry leaf. 

Keep horses & livestock out of the treated area until poisonous weeds such as Ragwort have died and become unpalatable. Livestock can be returned to the treated area 7 days after treatment. 

Product Name:Grazon Pro
MAPP (Reg.) Number:15785
Authorisation Holder:Dow AgroSciences Limited
Marketing Company:Dow AgroSciences Limited
Active Substance(s):60.000 g / l clopyralid and 240.000 g / l triclopyr
Formulation Type:Emulsifiable concentrate
Field of Use:Herbicide
Crops:amenity grassland, grassland
Amateur / Professional:Professional
LERAP Category:Category B
Aquatic Use:No
Authorisation Level:Standard Approval
First Authorisation Date:03/08/2012
Product Expiry Date (notes):31/10/2021
Aerial Use:No
Parallel Import:No
Available Notices:The following Notices are available for this product:  20132126 (Authorisation) ,  20141966 (Amendment) ,  20182139 (Amendment)  This Product has Expired Notices

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Grazon Pro
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Grazon Pro 1l Product Label (df-grazon_pro-label.pdf, 201 Kb) [Download]

Grazon Pro 1l Material Safety (df-grazon_pro-sds.pdf, 233 Kb) [Download]