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Doxstar Pro | 2ltr Pack | Fluroxypyr and Triclopyr

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Doxstar Pro® is a foliar acting herbicide for the control of all dock species & chickweed in established grassland. This product is rainfast in 2 hours giving it an edge over any other Dock weed killer. It also has one of the quickest grazing intervals which allows you to retrun livestock to treated areas after 14 days.

This is one of the best products on the market for controlling tough docks in grassland. Keep livestock out of treated area until poisonous weeds such as ragwort have died and become unpalatable.

Benefits of using Doxstar

Use on grassland for grazing or silage, hay or haylage. Take stock out during spraying then return to the field no sooner than 7 days later. Allow 4 weeks after spraying before cutting for the highest levels of long-term control of docks. If using DoxstarPro after cutting, allow 2-3 weeks for sufficient weed regrowth to occur.

Translocated to the roots
Doxstar® Pro is translocated to the roots ensuring high levels of long-term control.
For best results target actively growing docks in the rosette stage and up to 200mm across or high.

Short grazing interval
Grazing livestock can be returned to the field just 7 days after application

Long-term control
The addition of triclopyr means long-term control of both broadleaved and curled docks is far better than using fluroxypyr alone. Also gives excellent control of chickweed.

Further Information

Key benefits
• Excellent control of broadleaved dock and curled dock in established grassland
• Doxstar Pro is translocated to the roots ensuring long-term control
• Use in silage fields, hay meadows and grazing pastures for significant benefits in both yield and forage palatability
• Stock grazing can resume 7 days after application
• This may need to be longer if foliage of poisonous weeds is present
• Won’t hold back grass growth after application
• Rainfast in 2 hours.

Best use advice
• For use only in established grassland (>12 months).
• For best results apply when docks are actively growing and at the optimum growth stage:
• Apply at 2.0 L/ha for the control of broadleaved docks and curled docks in addition to a wide range of annualand perennial weeds.
• Use at least 300 L/ha of water or 400 L/ha of water where weeds are large or where grass cover is dense
• Water volumes can be reduced down to 200 L/ha if using low drift nozzles.
• Allow 2-3 weeks after cutting before applications of Doxstar Pro are made to allow sufficient re-growth.
• Clover can be stitched in as soon as 6 weeks after application. Grass seed can be stitched in 4 weeks after application.
• After application, livestock must be excluded for at least 7 days and an interval of at least 28 days should be observed before cutting.
• DO NOT mix with phenoxy herbicides – this may compromise translocation of Doxstar Pro to the roots


Product Literature

Doxstar® Pro A4 Leaflet

Doxstar® Pro Tech Sheet

Doxstar® Pro Tank Mix

Doxstar® Pro EIS

HSE Infomation

Product Name:Doxstar Pro
MAPP (Reg.) Number:15664
Authorisation Holder:Dow AgroSciences Limited
Marketing Company:Dow AgroSciences Limited
Active Substance(s):150.000 g / l fluroxypyr and 150.000 g / l triclopyr
Formulation Type:Emulsifiable concentrate
Field of Use:Herbicide
Crops:amenity grassland, grassland
Amateur / Professional:Professional
LERAP Category:Category B, Crop 5m    - See Authorisation for Crop LERAP Details
Aquatic Use:No
Authorisation Level:Standard Approval
First Authorisation Date:29/02/2012
Product Expiry Date (notes):31/10/2021
Aerial Use:No
Parallel Import:No
Available Notices:The following Notices are available for this product:  20160610 (Authorisation) ,  20162556 (Amendment) ,  20182138 (Amendment)  This Product has Expired Notices

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Doxstar Pro
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Doxstar Pro Product Label (df-doxstar_pro-label.pdf, 190 Kb) [Download]

Doxstar Pro Material Safety (df-doxstar_pro-sds.pdf, 203 Kb) [Download]

Doxstar Tech Sheet (Doxstar-Pro-tech-sheet.pdf, 168 Kb) [Download]

Doxstar® Pro Tank Mix (Doxstar-Pro-tank-mix.pdf, 151 Kb) [Download]