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Farming Hinton Ampner - the Brexit/Virus Year

Flindt - Diarybook
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Charlie and Hazel Flindt farm 920 acres of heavy land on the National Trust-owned estate at Hinton Ampner in Hampshire. In February 2020, Charlie decided that someone should record, in the finest detail, the consequences of the biggest thing to hit British farming in generations: Brexit. He had two reasons for this: first, Manor Farm is a traditional, non-organic mixed tenant farm, just the sort of family agricultural business predicted to suffer the most from leaving the EU. And, second, Charlie has always been an ardent and vocal Brexiteer. It seemed only right that he should chronicle the imminent ‘farmageddon’.


Curiously enough, Brexit turned out to be the least of anyone’s worries.

290 pages, c/w photographs

Topic: Conventional farming
Subjects: Biographies & True Stories Format: Paperback
Author: Charlie Flindt Type: Diary
Publication Year: 2021

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