Manual Potato Hydrometers - Zeal

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A traditional industry tool for fast intake sampling and measurement of dry matter weigher and specific gravity. 

3.63Kg of potatoes is placed in the basket and the hydrometer and basket are suspended in a large container of clean water. The buoyancy of the unit in water determines the water level against the vertical scale and hence gives the dry matter reading.

Supplied with sample basket and calibration weight

Available in 3 dry matter ranges:

1. Model D4500 (Product code: POT/HYDROMETER) 17 to 25% Dry Matter; 1.065/1.110 g/ml specific gravity

2. Model D4501 (Product code: POT/HYDROMETER4501) 14 to 23% Dry Matter; 1.055/1.095 g/ml specific gravity

3. Model D4502 (Product code: POT/HYDROMETER4502) 18 to 27% Dry Matter; 1.070/1.114 g/ml specific gravity