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Ceat Farmax HPT

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Ceat Farmax HPT


CEAT FARMAX HPT series tyres are meant for HIGH HP/HIGH SPEED tractors. Their specially designed lug patterns are reinforced with characterised base grooves, providing higher strength to high HP/speed tractors. If you are looking for tractor tyres that have trouble-free longer life, look no further, because CEAT FARMAX HPT tyres have high denier textile casing combined with superior quality tread and sidewall rubber compound. Moreover, highly reinforced bead construction with higher bead-to-bead distance makes it easy to carry higher load and also enables easy fitment.

CEAT FARMAX HPT series feature a tilted lug tip and an increased lug width that reduces vibration and ensures a longer service life for the tyre. A lower lug angle at the shoulder provides better traction, and rounded shoulders ensure lesser soil disturbance. A wider tread width also helps with lower soil compaction and characterised mud breakers promise great self-cleaning ability. High volume also ensures high load capability and excellent ride comfort.


Size, load and Pressures






480/80R50 DW16L, DW15L

650/85R38 DW23B, DW21B, DW20B