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Liquid Fertiliser Tanks

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Enduramaxx Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

Liquid fertiliser tanks have increased wall thickness for Specific Gravities of contents between 1.5 SG – 2SG for bulk storage of liquid fertiliser.  Popular sizes include 1250l, 2000l, 2500l, 4000l, 5000l, 6000l, 7000l, 8000l, 10000l, 12000l, 14000l, 15000l, 16800l, 20000l, 20800l, 22000l, 25000l, 26000l and 30000 litres.  Tanks are rotationally moulded from high quality, durable MDPE and with translucent walls to give a visual aid as to how much liquid remains in the tank.

These enable the bulk ordering of ready mixed fertiliser, saving mixing time and minimising wastage. These tanks in natural are translucent for showing the level in the tank.