Guidelines for purchasing medicines online

Unfortunately we are only able to sell POM-V & POM-VPS products to the UK.


If the medicine you require is marked ‘POM-V’, we will require a completed Veterinary Prescription from your own vet before they can be dispatched. You can either get a completed one from your own vet or we can supply you with a part filled prescription which you will need your own vet to complete. Just contact us if you require this.

You will also be required to tick the box when you add the item to the basket that says ‘Valid Prescription Held’.This just lets us know that you have a valid prescription for the item.You won’t be able to add the item to your basket without ticking this box.Ticking this box means that you are declaring that you have the necessary authority to purchase the item which will be verified against the prescription we receive by post. Making a false declaration is a serious matter and could result in criminal action being taken against you.

To buy prescription medications from us you need to do the following:.

  • Have your vet (who must be RCVS registered) provide you with one of their prescriptions.
  • Place you order online and pay for your medications
  • Email and post to us your original signed prescription with your order number and contact number written clearly on the top (please see Prescription Terms below).

Post to: Liskilly Vets Ltd, Unit 11 Enterprise Centre, 31 Dernawilt Road, Roslea, Co. Fermanagh, BT92 7FH

Email to:

Our Vets will then check that the prescription is valid and will contact you if there are any issues.


Original prescriptions must always be posted to us. Please note that payment is taken at the time of order, but we have to wait until the original prescription is received before we can dispatch the order to you. If the order is a mixture of prescription and non-prescription items, we will normally only dispatch the order as a whole.


If the medicine you require is marked ‘POM-VPS’ – you will need to complete a short questionnaire at check-out and one of our Vets may contact you to clarify any queries. The questionnaire can be found HERE. ****PLEASE NOTE **** 

If you intend to use this product to treat animals other than what is recommended on the product data sheet (a link to which can be found in each products description) - You will need a prescription from your vet before the product can be dispatched. If you have any queries please contact us before placing your order or phone 02867751396

No Classification

If there is no classification on the items you want, then just add it to your basket and checkout as normal.

IMPORTANT Terms & Conditions:

Refrigerated items – These orders will only be dispatched on Monday, Tuesdays & Wednesdays – to ensure items arrive to you in the best condition.

Please write your order reference number and your contact number on the prescription before you send it to us.

To speed up the ordering process you can scan and email us your prescription this way we will be sure to have all items in stock while we wait for original prescription by post.

If we don’t receive the original prescription within this 5 days, your order may be cancelled without notice and a refund made.However, in most cases we’ll contact you before cancelling the order.



Below are some questions and answers. If you still have a query about placing an order or obtaining a prescription please email us at or call us on 01543 728813. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Are part of a registered Veterinary practice?

Yes, is the online shop for Liskilly Vets Ltd. The RCVS practice registration number is 7232632. As veterinary surgeons, we are legally entitled to dispense prescription medicines for animals.

Can my own vet refuse to supply me with a prescription?

Your vet must establish the need for the medication and that it is appropriate for your animals. Legally they can only write a prescription for animals ‘under their care’. They should not refuse to issue a written prescription for medication they would otherwise be happy to dispense themselves.

How can I be sure that the medicines supplied by are safe & effective?

All medication supplied by are either UK or EU licensed. You can check this by looking at the packaging leaflets or the outer boxes, here you will find a VM or EU licence number.

What is a veterinary prescription?

A Veterinary Prescription is a legal document which must be written in accordance to UK regulations and signed and dated by your Vet. The prescribing vet must be registered with RVCS.

Why do some medicines require a prescription and others don't?

This is a legal classification for veterinary products. Some veterinary medications are classified as POM-V (prescription only medicine). These can only be supplied under a veterinary prescription. These products may be dangerous if used incorrectly. Other products are classed as POM-VPS, these products can be sold after discussion with a SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) The SQP must be satisfied that you know enough about the product before you purchase it.

Can you accept returns?

Unfortunately, due to regulatory laws, we cannot accept returns on perishable items i.e. temperature controlled medication, prescription medication or Items that you have opened and started to use.

What do I do when I have a written veterinary prescription?

You can place an order online. You then need to send us the prescription by email and the post it to us (See terms above for more details on your options).

By post: Liskilly Vets Ltd, Unit 11, 31 Dernawilt Road, Roslea, Co. Fermanagh, BT92 7FH


When we receive your prescription we can then check this against your order and we can then dispatch your items.

We legally need to store your prescription and your details on file.

It is an offence for a person to submit a fraudulent prescription to obtain veterinary medicines and for a person to alter a prescription unless authorised to do so by the prescriber. We take this matter very seriously and any suspected cases of fraud or unlawful alteration of a prescription will be referred to the VMD.