Back Issue - Practical Farm Ideas - 92 Feb-M

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The Keep-it-Simple Guide to Profitable Farming

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Home designed milking parlour is rapid exit with a lift up front and rapid entrance so cows enter three abreast. The 360 herd is milked 3x through the 32:32. Totally original and totally brilliant - and not expensive. You'll also like the circulation cleaning which works like an automatic washing machine, and the backing gate made with crash barriers.... it's all been so well thought out!

The 8 page Soil+ supplement has vital tips on different cover crops, moving from conventional to no-till, the problem of blackgrass. It's interesting how these farmers are using no-till on heavy clays, and finding real benefits. This issue: 48 pages, all editorial, no advertising. 40 workshop innovations. Financial focus and othe management articles.

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Some highlights in this issue

Roll carrier on McHale V6 round balerRound baler:carry a full day's supply of net wrap using this roof rack. Carry three spare rolls on the baler rather than just the one which McHale provide. If there's not much left on the one in the chamber you'll have run out by lunchtime. Saves tying them on the baler or trying to stuff them in the cab.
Auger modification on JF Stoll Cattle diet mixerMixer wagon repair: the two augers cost £7,000. These have been fitted with replaceable Hardox wear plates. They will last much longer, so the machine mixes better for longer. Ownership costs of this JF Stoll are reduced, and long term performance improved. Plates are fitted in the yard - farmer can supply.
Rapid exit milking parlourDairy: home designed and built 36:36 rapid entrance and exit for 360 cows. Made with second hand parts the novel design works exceptionally well. If you're staying in milk and have a small old parlour, this is definitely worth a close look
Visual Evaluation of SoilSoil: it's less trendy than machinery but actually far more important. Our Soil+ section explains about soil quality evaluation; reducing compaction; building organic matter; contending with blackgrass; zinc - an essential micro-nutrient; adapting a Moore drill; Sentry Farming experiments with cover crops
Eking out the milk cheque in dairy crisis

Financial: eke out the milk cheque - and manage the crisis.

This article takes a look at how Tesco is handling it's current crisis, and thinks there are lessons for their supplying farmers as well.

The article explains the dangers of using companies who promise to consolidate your debt. Persuasive and beguiling, some of these companies have built a reputation of ending up owning the farm they are supposedly helping.

Three pages of essential radingin times when the cash flow is under pressure

Front weight frame for John Deere 6920Tractor front weight: this home made frame saves tyre wear and diesel. Single mass front weights often put more over the front axle than is needed. Here you have weight sections, storage and a rock tray. Practical!

Grass: sward lifters reduce compaction, but use them at the wrong time and they slice off the tap root of grass plants, damaging yields

Safety: this home made axle jack allows a bottle jack to be used to lift a high axle machine like a self prop sprayer in safety

Total workshop projects in the issue: 43 Total pages: 48

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"It's probably my favourite publication. I'm not sure why but I find your English easy to read, understand and honest." Frankie Colwill, farmer, Worcester.