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Vol 18 - 2 Summer 2009 Publication date: August 8, 2009 Page: 48 All editorial, no advertising Don't miss an issue: Click on 'subscribe' box on left MAIN CONTENTS of this issue, 18-2, Summer 2009 GENERAL FARMING IDEAS Tractor axle moved forward to improve balance / ATV trailed Vicon spreader does 225ac in day / Trailer carries quad and trailed implements / Loader mounted work frame expands to 20ft / Loader attachments fit on back of tractor rear weight / MF 265 fitted with drawbar holder / ATV safety bar folds down for low buildings / Front hook for Manitou lifts loaded silage trailer / Home built lane grader / Computer box mounted on fold-away arm / Top designed loader adaptor plate goes from MF50 to JCB / Loader bucket converted to practical work platform / How to make an efficient air line from alkathene ARABLE 5 leg subsoiler, culti press for one pass rape seedbed / Mole plough slips under wire fence / Loader adaptor plate goes from Manitou to Renault / Water ballast roller filled with concrete / Implements get added road safety with commercial reflectors / Lane maker spreads road scalpings at 4ins / ATV trailed sprayer has 7m boom, 100g tank DAIRY FARMING Unique designed feeder trailer prevents waste of maize silage / Effluent drains made using slats for floor / Air pump provides milking parlour with air-con / Floor slats are put on worn cubicle matting / Milking parlour comfort - fans and soft flooring / Anti-biotic cows have simple indelible marking system / Bulk tank compressor has reverse fan / Two-stage Fullwood milk pre-cooler gets it to 12C / Vacuum shedding gate from parlour / ATV sprayer disinfects cubicle heel-stone / Lorry air-line makes good parlour hose / Slurry tanker clover seeder / Feed trough cleaner has spring loaded scraper blade / Slurry store has automatic beacon warning / Milk dump line is integral with main parlour LIVESTOCK IDEAS Calf housing has novel straw ceiling, cuts disease / Yorkshire boarding panel swivels for shed ventilation GRASS AND MUCK Rubbish truck converted into self propelled muck spreader / Stacking baled silage on end has benefits / Teagle Toucan does low-cost silaging / Tyre 'mats' make clamping easier / Silage bale splitter removes plastic, better for diet feeder / Grass production benefits from injected slurry FARM FAMILY AND MANAGEMENT Going 'self-employed' is more hazardous for employer than worker / Is highly efficient CDA spraying buried technology? / Garden playground ideas, all made in workshop / Small scale farmer now expert at Land Rover repair / Magpies: Larsen trap gets 26 in a year / Swan song for the Royal Show / Farmers market competitiveness is always poor / Top private companies do food / Easycare sheep - Sale in September / Fertiliser market complications hit farm decision making / This is what's wrong with the milk market / Agricultural Budgeting and Costing book - review / Injured walker claims £1m / Holiday cottage letting gets tax hike / Oliver Walston 'Thirty-Five Harvests' - review / Low commission investment products look good value / Hire company scams to watch out for / Financial crisis after-shocks