Back Issue - Practical Farm Ideas - 25 - Vol

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Add 5 ft to your slurry stirrer and it works more effectively in large lagoons; get a scrap Petter-powered building site mixer with a broken engine and mount the tub on the loader and drive it with a hydraulic motor; use the exhaust pressure from the tractor to pump water from a bowser into the spray er tank (ingenious!); stop reservoir earth banks from crmbling through wave damage with scrap tyres; buy sets of old single cambridge rolls and make up this easy to build 21ft triple folding set; a top quality electric backing gate; some real innovations from the Italian farm show in Verona, Agrifierera; FarmWalk from Somerset - Honda trike rolls up triple wire electric fencing; fold-up chain harrows go hydraulic; ingenious drain in yard that doesn't dry out in summer; spraying ideas that save costs