Back Issue - Practical Farm Ideas - 23 - Vol 6 - Issue 3 - Autumn 1997 - Digital Copy

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Farm Ideas 6 - 3 resurrected. Farmers can now get hold of the elusive
Practical Farm Ideas 6 - 3, as a file on a CD. After more than ten
years when it has been unavailable, we have just scanned it in his
resolution, good enough quality to print off the pages you need.

To innovations in the contents are:
1. Home made box which converts Sheargrab into a bucket for loading
bulk feed such as stock potatoes and carrots
2. Ram protector for Merlo loader - where the tilt ram packs debris so
tight is will distort the piston
3. Self adjusting gates for cattle truck ramp
4. Folding chain harrow is mounted on scrap trailer chassis
5. Brilliant design of sheep hay rack which has a fixed roof (no
problems with wind blowing it out of control).
6. Hydravane compressor converted in water pressure washer for pig unit
7. Lamb reviver made from plastic barrel and fan heater
8. MF digger back-acter converted to trailed digger
9. The advantages of using the lathe to make your own pins
10. COVER STORY: 4m combination harrow-air drill is handled by 90HP
John Deere 6300