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Thistle X - 3ltr - Clopyralid and Triclopyr

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ThistleX® weed killer effectively controls creeping and spear thistles in established grassland, permanent paddocks & pasture. It is also effective control against Dandelion, Clover, Mayweed, Vetch and Tare. It is a foliar acting herbicide which is translocated to the roots so killing the entire plant. For best results treat when the grass and thistles are actively growing and aim to spray when the Thistle is at Rosette stage approx 200mm in width.  Please note, this product is not approved for use through a knapsack sprayer.

Keep livestock out for 7 days or until poisons weeds have decomposed.

MAPP (Reg.) Number:

Product Name:
Authorisation Holder:Dow AgroSciences Limited
Marketing Company:Dow AgroSciences Limited
Active Substance(s):200.000 g / l clopyralid and 200.000 g / l triclopyr
Formulation Type:Soluble concentrate
Field of Use:Herbicide
Amateur / Professional:Professional
LERAP Category:Category B
Aquatic Use:No
Authorisation Level:Standard Approval   Product also has Extensions of Authorisation. (opens new window)
First Authorisation Date:20/02/2013
Product Expiry Date (notes):31/10/2021
Aerial Use:No
Parallel Import:No
Available Notices:The following Notices are available for this product:  20141491 (Authorisation) ,  20141978 (Amendment) ,  20182145 (Amendment)  This Product has Expired Notices

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Thistle X product label (df-thistlex-label.pdf, 173 Kb) [Download]

Thistle X Material Safety (df-thistlex-sds.pdf, 232 Kb) [Download]