Manganese 1000ltr IBC

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Product Details

Quantity: 1000 litres

NEW-TRITION MANGANESE 15 Manganese Sulphate based fertiliser solution UN 3082 Soluble Manganese (Mn) 11% w/w (15% w/v) Sulphur trioxide (S03) 16% w/w (S 6.4% w/w) Soluble S03 16% w/w

MANGANESE 15 is a manganese concentrate for foliar application. MANGANESE 15 is recommended on the following crops: apples, beans, broccoli, blackcurrants, cabbage, cauliflower, cereals, gooseberries, grass, hops, kale, lettuce, lucerne, oilseed rape, onions, parsnips, pears, peas, plums potatoes, raspberries, sprouts, strawberries, sugar beet, swedes, tomatoes, turnips, and most other crops.

APPLICATION RATES: TO BE USED ONLY WHERE THERE IS A RECOGNISED NEED. DO NOT EXCEED THE APPROPRIATE RATES. Maintenance: 2.5 litres/ha Deficiency: 5 litres/ha Repeat application after 10-14 days if deficiency symptoms persist. WATER RATE: Conventional sprayer: 200 l/ha MIXING INSTRUCTIONS MANGANESE 15 disperses in water with agitation. When tank mixing MANGANESE 15 follow the sequence: 1. Water 2. MANGANESE 15 3. Pesticide Test compatibility by mixing the products in the ratios to be used in a small container before performing the operation in the spray tank. For best results spray when crop is in an active growing state. Do not spray during periods of very hot, dry or bright weather. MANGANESE 15 is manufactured to rigid controls at the highest concentration for effective use. Any residue is water soluble. Rinse bottle with water and add solution to spray tank. Store above 50C

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