Notion - Clomazone 360 (1ltr)

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MAPP Number:16773


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Quantity: 1 litre

Product Name: Notion
MAPP (Reg.) Number: 16773
Authorisation Holder: AgChemAccess Limited
Marketing Company: AgChemAccess Limited
Active Substance(s): 360.000 g / l clomazone
Formulation Type: Capsule suspension
Field of Use: Herbicide
Crops: carrot, combining pea (spring), field bean (spring), field bean (winter), oilseed rape (winter), potato, vining pea
Amateur / Professional: Professional
LERAP Category: n/a
Aquatic Use: No
Authorisation Level: Standard Approval
First Authorisation Date: 27/10/2014
Product Expiry Date (notes): 30/04/2021
Aerial Use: No
Parallel Import: Yes

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