Aviator 235 Xpro - 5l (bixafen and prothioconazole)

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MAPP Number:15026

Aviator 235Xpro is a one-pack fungicide product containing the SDHI bixafen and class-leading azole prothiconazole. Formulated with Leafshield technology, Aviator235Xpro treats a broad range of foliar, stem base and ear diseases in wheat and ensures crops stay cleaner for longer, work harder, build more yield and generate more profit.

What is the aim of a T1 fungicide?

The primary goal when applying a T1 fungicide is to control Septoria on the recently emerged final leaf 3 and leaf 4 at GS 31-32.

Timing is critical, with T1 sprays applied too early usually resulting in poor disease control on the emerging leaf 3 due to a lack of coverage on the leaf that emerges after application.

Optimum performance from T1 applications is seen after a T0 spray, typically applied two to four weeks before T1.

When T1 applications are applied too late, leaf 3 is exposed to infection risk for longer. This requires any fungicide to work harder to control latent Septoria when it is eventually applied and can have a negative impact on product efficacy.

The effect of timing was shown in NIAB and Velcourt trials which compared Proline + chlorothalonil with Aviator. Each was applied at a standard T1 timing following a T0 or after a five-day delay. Both sets of treatments were also applied where no T0 was applied.

Although yield response steadily decreased as the situation became more curative for both treatments, Aviator offered a significant yield benefit over Proline + CTL at every stage except when timing was spot on. 

Any rust and mildew present at T1 should be adequately controlled by Septoria-active fungicide products, but adding specific rust-controlling products to the sprayer tank may be required in a high pressure scenario.

T1 is also a key time to assess and reduce risk of stem-base diseases such as eyespot, Fusarium and Microdochium inoculum taking hold. Where risk is high, a product with good activity against these diseases should be considered.

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Product Name:Aviator 235 Xpro
MAPP (Reg.) Number:15026
Authorisation Holder:Bayer CropScience Limited
Marketing Company:Bayer CropScience Limited
Active Substance(s):75.000 g / l bixafen and 160.000 g / l prothioconazole
Formulation Type:Emulsifiable concentrate
Field of Use:Fungicide
Crops:rye (winter), triticale, wheat (spring), wheat (winter)
Amateur / Professional:Professional
LERAP Category:Category B
Aquatic Use:No
Authorisation Level:Standard Approval
First Authorisation Date:24/08/2010
Product Expiry Date (notes):31/01/2022
Aerial Use:No
Parallel Import:No

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MAPP Number:
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Aviator 235 Xpro

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