Ascra Xpro - 5l - (Bixafen, Fluopyram and Prothioconazole)

AscraXpro is a unique formulation of two SDHI fungicides – bixafen and fluopyram – and the leading azole fungicide prothioconazole. It’s the first fungicide to combine two SDHIs with an azole. It delivers broad spectrum disease control, including more curative activity against Septoria than any other fungicide, and the highest yields.

Ascra at T2

Controlling Septoria requires a robust and well-timed fungicide programme, starting with a T0 spray two to four weeks before the T1 application at GS 31-32.

Product choice at these earlier timings will depend on disease resistance characteristics of the wheat variety, drilling date, weather and disease pressure leading up to, and at the point of, application.

However, the T2 fungicide at GS 37-39 consistently sees the greatest yield response and is where the best chemistry should be used to achieve optimum disease control, maintain green leaf area and maximise output.

Widely quoted studies show that 70% of wheat yield comes from keeping the top two wheat leaves free from disease for as long as possible to allow maximum photosynthesis during grain fill. So what attributes should you be looking for from your T2 fungicide?

• Excellent disease control – particularly of Septoria, but also covering other disease threats
• Curativity for kickback to clear up any disease already in leaf two
• Persistency to last through to grain fill
• Consistency in performance whether it rains or shines
• Easy application – minimise the number of cans to use and quickly rainfast to ensure area covered efficiently in disruptive weather.

Delivering yield benefits

The unique properties of Ascra mean that it is ideally suited to the T2 timing in winter wheat. Its ability to control Septoria and deliver outstanding yield benefits gives growers unrivalled protection for their crops and increased profitability.

Ascra boosts disease control, especially Septoria, to new levels thanks to the strong azole backbone of prothioconazole and the combination with two SDHIs in bixafen and fluopyram. The latter makes the difference – increasing curativity and bringing extra consistency – meaning performance reaches a new standard.

What does fluopyram bring?

Fluopyram is a fast-acting SDHI, distributed faster through the leaf than existing SDHI chemistry. This immediate availability increases control of latent disease in the leaf – improving curativity – and creating a product which gives not only better control of Septoria on average, but more consistent control too.

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Product Name:Ascra Xpro
MAPP (Reg.) Number:17623
Authorisation Holder:Bayer CropScience Limited
Marketing Company:Bayer CropScience Limited
Active Substance(s):65.000 g / l bixafen, 65.000 g / l Fluopyram and 130.000 g / l prothioconazole
Formulation Type:Emulsifiable concentrate
Field of Use:Fungicide
Amateur / Professional:Professional
LERAP Category:Crop 5m    - See Authorisation for Crop LERAP Details
Aquatic Use:No
Authorisation Level:Experimental Permit
First Authorisation Date:27/05/2016
Product Expiry Date (notes):25/08/2020
Aerial Use:No
Parallel Import:No

Additional info
MAPP Number:
HSE Product Name:
Ascra Xpro

Label (ascra_xpro_gb_ra1c_85404369c.pdf, 318 Kb) [Download]

MSDS (ascra-xpro.pdf, 65 Kb) [Download]

Tank Mix (ascra-tank-mix-sheet-2018-v1.pdf, 181 Kb) [Download]

EIS (ascra-xpro-version-2-guideline-version-4.pdf, 118 Kb) [Download]

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MAPP Number17623
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