Agritox - 10ltr - 500g MCPA

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MAPP Number:14894

Agritox® is a selective weed killer used in grassland. It will control weeds such as nettles, buttercup, poppy, thistles and a wide range of perennial weeds. It can be used on established grassland and leys over one year old. To gain better results, mix in with a herbicide enhancer called Activate-G

Although the active ingredient MCPA is one of the oldest on the market, it still delivers great results against tough grassland weeds. If you want to increase the weeds which Agritox® will control, mix with Deptiox 10L. This will then control tougher weeds such as ragwort, large docks & soft rush.

Agritox ® is well suited to use in areas where you have a large area of the same weed, i.e. 5 acres of grassland infested with thistles. Keep livestock out of treated areas for 10-14 days, or until poisonous weeds such as ragwort have decomposed.

Please note, this product is NOT approved for use through a backpack sprayer.

Product Name:Agritox
MAPP (Reg.) Number:14894
Authorisation Holder:Nufarm UK Limited
Marketing Company:Nufarm UK Limited
Active Substance(s):500.000 g / l MCPA
Formulation Type:Soluble concentrate
Field of Use:Herbicide
Crops:barley (spring), barley (undersown with grassland), barley (undersown with red clover), barley (winter), grassland, grassland (seed crop), oats (spring), oats (undersown with grassland), oats (undersown with red clover), oats (winter), rye (spring), rye (undersown with grassland), rye (undersown with red clover), rye (winter), wheat (spring), wheat (undersown with grassland), wheat (undersown with red clover), wheat (winter)
Amateur / Professional:Professional
LERAP Category:Category B
Aquatic Use:No
Authorisation Level:Standard Approval
First Authorisation Date:19/03/2010
Product Expiry Date (notes):30/04/2022
Aerial Use:No
Parallel Import:No
Available Notices:The following Notices are available for this product:  20170323 (Authorisation) ,  20181291 (Amendment) ,  20190449 (Amendment)  This Product has Expired Notices

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