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Organically certified by OF&G.

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The bacterial inoculant BIOFIL Soya is responsible for soya nodulation, it contains a symbiont nitrogen-fixing bacteria strain (Bradyrhizobium japonocum). 

The nodulation of soya plants affects the health conditions and availability of nitrogen for plants. Yield increase can even be 20-60%.

Nitrogen remaining after the plant culture affects positively yield results of the following crop too. For effective treatment use the inoculating bacterial product BIOFIL Soya combined with the soil pH specific inoculating bacterial products BIOFIL. We recommend to use soil inoculating preparations BioFil® (soil specific) and BioFil® Soya even if you use seeds inoculated with nodule forming bacteria.

The Bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteria strain is plant specific, it forms nodules only on the roots of soya, and is not effective in case of other Fabaceae plants.

Label Soya (soya_label.pdf, 4,771 Kb) [Download]

Directions for use (BioFil_Soya_directions_180405.pdf, 1,338 Kb) [Download]

Organic certification (Cert_11Jan19_UKE1267.pdf, 129 Kb) [Download]

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