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Biofil is organically certified by OF&G.

The bacterial product BIOFIL Post Harvest provides effective degradation of herbal remains, such as stem, leaf and root. So that the next plant culture gets access to valuable nutrients.

The product contains bacteria strains which live in inland soils, but usually in small amounts. Using the product we can gain fast and intensive degradation of cellulose. Bacteria which the product consists of are able to multiply even in low soil temperature. The products consist of bacteria strains which have a wide spectre of soil pH-tolerance, this is why the Post Harvest product can be used effectively in acidic, normal and alkaline soils. The BIOFIL Post Harvest contains nitrogenfixing bacteria strains of high capacity, this is why we don't need to apply plus nitrogen for stalk degradation. The product is effective against harmful pathogeneous fungi propagating in the soil.

In case of stalks of average amount we recommend to use 0,5 l BIOFIL Post Harvest together with 0,5 l BIOFIL soil specific preparation by spraying them onto the stalks with 25-50 or 200-400 litres/ha of water, depending on the spraying tool. After that the product has to be incorporated into the soil. In case of larger amounts of stalks we recommend to use 1 l/ha BIOFIL Post Harvest. After sunflower and maize, if you are planning to plant the following crop the same year, add 1 l/ha BIOFIL Post Harvest to 0,5-1 l/ha BIOFIL soil pH specific product. The product is the most effective when placed onto stalks directly before thei rotation.


  • Average number of germs: 1,6x109 cell/ml.
  • Is not harmful, dangerous or infectious for plants, animals and humans. 
  • Composition: Cellvibrio fibrivorans, Brevundimonasmediterranea, Achromobacter spanius, Azotobacter chroococcum

Directions for use (BioFil_Post_Harvest_directions180405.pdf, 1,205 Kb) [Download]

Organic certification (Cert_11Jan19_UKE1267.pdf, 129 Kb) [Download]

Label Post Harvest (postharvest_label_2.pdf, 29,850 Kb) [Download]

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