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Organically certified by OF&G.

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The product contains bacterial strains which function well in soils with alkaline pH. The preparation effectively suppresses the reproduction of plant pathogen fungi. By using BIOFIL Alkaline inoculants we can reach a surplus of 29% in yield. The inoculating bacterial product BIOFIL Alkaline functions between 7-9 soil pH (in alkaline soil).

To stimulate soil life in alkaline soils (pH 4-7), in amount of 1,0 l/ha, depending on the spraying tool with 50-400 l/ha water, sprayed and then rotated into the soil before seeding or planting. Do not mix the preparation with bactericides and fungicides!


  • number of germs in general: 1,5x109cell/ml
  • not hazardous, toxic or infectious for plants, animals human beings
  • the preparation contains 7 bacteria strains


Pseudomonas jessenii, Arthrobacter crystallopoietes, Pseudomo- nas chlororaphis, Exiguobacterium acetylicum, Azospirillum brasilense, Azospirillium largimobile, Azospirillum irakense

Label Alkaline (alkaline_label.pdf, 783 Kb) [Download]

Directions for use (BioFil_Alkaline_directions_180416.pdf, 288 Kb) [Download]

Organic Certification OF&G (Cert_11Jan19_UKE1267.pdf, 129 Kb) [Download]

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