Store Control: Grain Fan Assist


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Store Control, from Evans and Pearce, takes a novel look at Differential Temperature Control for grain storage.

Differential fan control for new or existing fans.

The Store Control system turns standard grain ventilation fans into smart fans that can automate the cooling of your crops without the need for costly electrical installation and annual data hosting charges.

Standard grain ventilation fans can be fitted with the Grain Fan Assist unit which will turn them into a smart fan, capable of running the store for you. Grain temperature is monitored via a 2m long spear and the ambient air temperature is monitored via a sensor on the Store Control box itself.

Differential temperature is easily set and then the fan will switch itself on every time the air is cold enough to effectively cool the crop.

If the grain store has additional ventilation fans to introduce clean air into the building the Extraction Fan Assist unit will wirelessly turn these on as well. An additional receiver unit will detect when any of the grain ventilation fans is in operation and will ensure the building extraction fans are working.