Numigral I seed counter


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The Numigral I seed counter is the ideal product for anybody that routinely counts large numbers of seeds or other small items. Its automated analysis allows thousands of items to be counted quickly and accurately.

The Numigral operates by using a vibrating plate to move the items to be counted up a ramp, through an adjustable size gate and through the sensor. The counted items drop out of the front of the machine to be collected. The vibration of the plate can be optimized to give the perfect counting rate while the size gate can be adjusted between 1 and 10mm to prevent oversized items or groups that can distort the count.


  • Counting range: 1 to 9999 items
  • Weight (boxed): 12 kg
  • Dimensions (boxed): 48x26x16 cm
  • Item size range: 1 to 10 mm

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