Apollo SE 52 mm x 30m


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Apollo SE 52 mm x 30m

PVC hose with an anti-shock rigid PVC spiral, resistant to abrasion and low temperatures.ApplicationsExcellent for suction in general, particularly suitable to be used on tank trucks thanks to its physical and mechanical features.Technical FeaturesPVC hose reinforced with an anti-shock rigid PVC spiral, completely smooth bore, slightly corrugated outside.PropertiesParticularly suitable to be used even at low temperatures, high mechanical properties, light, flexible, good bending, resistant to torsion, crushing, weather conditions, ageing, ozone, UV rays and most chemicals.It can be manufacured in antistatic version adding a copper wire, by earthing the copper wire the hose is electrically bonded in accordance to TRB S 2153.Temperature Range: -25 deg C +60 deg C.

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