M1800i (230V - 14 J)


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M1800i (230V - 14 J)M1800i fence energizer

  • The M1800i is a very powerful energizer with 14 Joule stored energy, suitable for fences up to 43km. The external display communicates with the fence. The system is expandable with maximal 6 fence monitors and remote control.
  • Powerful and innovative mains energiser with 18 Joules stored energy for exceptional performance
  • The energiser automatically adjusts the output to suit your fence conditions while minimising power consumption
  • The device is characterised by the external, weather-proof screen, which is physically separate from the device itself (up to 200m)
  • Display is used to switch the energiser on/off, to customize the settings and also shows the earth voltage, fence voltage, current and status of the fence

Expandable with 6 Fence Monitors and a Remote Controller (optional)


Len:330 Width: 100 Height: 220

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