Supaverm Oral 2.5 L

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Vetinarian Medicine Category :POM-VPS

Please see our Buying Guide for information on what the requirements are for ordering these products.. Supaverm Oral 2.5 L, Can be approved by a vet or suitably qualified person

For the control of fascioliasis (due to Fasciola hepatica) and gastrointestinal nematodes and cestodes in sheep and lambs. The combination is active against lungworm, roundworms, tapeworms (heads and segments) and fluke (mature and immature). For the control of the larval stages of Oestrus ovis (Sheep Nasal Bot fly). For the control of inhibited, immature and adult stages of Haemonchus contortus (Barber Pole worm) including benzimidazole resistant strainsVm 00006/4143

Data Sheet Supaverm Oral Suspension

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